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Student Comments

As I rested after my practice yesterday I had that moment where all I felt was happy,
healthy and I felt my oneness with all that exists...

What an awesome practice yesterday! What a gift...I'm still happy today, from
yesterday's practice...I'm hitting the mat now...because Thursday is an 18 hr day of work
and travel, I don't set my alarm, I let my body sleep til it naturally wakes', hot bath, practice!

Have a great day guru! You inspire me beyond words and you are loved!


February 19, 2016

Hi Son Hui:
My name is James and I live about eighty miles away in Garrett County, Maryland. I am
married for almost eleven years and have four small children. I won't bore you with
anymore of the mundane details:)

I have been drawn to Ashtanga Yoga for several years now and have never had the
privelege of studying with a teacher. I look forward to coming to the school soon and
Lord willing beginning this long-awaited, heart desire. I wanted to know when you have
time slots available for private instruction? Also, would you consider a semi-private
lesson? Perhaps myself and another devoted student could share the cost at $45. With
absolute conviction I believe your instruction is worth every penny of the ninety dollars.
At this time, as stated prior I have four small children and earn a modest salary, but
must commence this pursuit. I am still in my thirties and in very good health and started
practicing three days ago and have every intention of daily practice except the moon
days. After reading your bio, I find I am much like you. When I do something, I give it
everything I have. Exercise, is not the motive of this email, I can exercise anywhere. I
am being drawn to this for years and understand the unspeakable value of impartation
from a true teacher. Any advice would be wonderful. Mornings are better for me, but I
will submit to and work around your schedule and any opportunity you might be able to
extend to me.

Thank you for your sharing your inspiring journey, and for your commitment to Ashtanga
Yoga. You are a courageous woman. I look forward to speaking some day.
With Prayer,
April, 2014

Son Hui,
I cannot put into words how much meeting you has changed my life!! You have
introduced me to a lifestyle change that has brought health and vitality into my life. I
have learned to breathe, move, eat and meditate. It is with a heavy heart that I see you
move to Tampa. I am happy that you will be near your family again and I know that you
have given me the knowledge to continue my practice on my own. I also know it is not
good-bye (I already plan on coming in March). Prampara - from Krishnamacharya to
Guruji to Sharath to you... I am so blessed and grateful!
Namaste friend & teacher,

Son Hui,
I am so happy to have had the opportunity to experience Ashtanga Yoga under your
guidance. I can never thank you enough for helping me with my back and wrist pain.
You will be greatly missed. Best wishes for you in Tampa.
Thank you,

Son Hui,
Thank you for being such an inspirational teacher - passing your knowledge & love of
Ashtanga Yoga. I am grateful to have been your student. You have been blessed with a
wonderful gift of helping & healing minds and bodies. Thank you for sharing it with me.
Best wishes as you leave Johnstown...

Son Hui,
I feel better today than I ever have and I owe it all to you. Thank you for all your
patience and encouragement... and all you have done for me. Don't forget your
Johnstown students when you become famous.

Dearest Son Hui,
I wanted to thank you so very much for teaching me Ashtanga Yoga. It has become a
part of my life that I will continue after you move to Florida. I thank you so much for
being such a wonderful teacher. Your wisdom will remain with me always.

I wish you all the best and much success. Your future students in Tampa will be so lucky
to have you.

Thank you again for everything...for your knowledge, for your dedication, for your
caring, for your inspiration.
Kim S.

Hi Son Hui,
I have been wanting to email you the past few weeks, and finally I sat down to do it. I
just wanted to thank you for teaching me Ashtanga Yoga. At first I got a little frustrated
with my progress, but now I am just enjoying the journey. I am happy with even little

I ran a 7.7 mile race a few weeks ago at Seven Springs. It was called Mud on the
Mountain. It was basically running up and down the ski slopes with various obstacles
and a bunch of mud. I was on a team of 5 people. Everyone trained for a while. Their
training included running. I told them that the only training I did was yoga twice a week. I
was surprised that I was able to keep up with our group. I was just amazed that it
seemed like the yoga really prepared me well for the race.

I really do feel great and it seems like I recover faster and hardly ever get an injury.
Thank you so much for investing in people. I truly believe people can be healed from
their ailments by doing yoga. I was sad to hear that you were moving. I felt like a part of
my heart taken away the one evening you told us. It is selfish for me to be sad. I am
happy for you. I guess I just was sad because about 7 months ago I started the most
favorite activity that I have ever done in my life and my teacher is leaving. I really enjoy
the classes. They are very challenging but I have fun doing them. Thank you for
everything you have taught me. You have been a huge blessing to me. Thanks again
and hopefully I will see you Thursday!
Your blessed and grateful student,

Excellent backbending class...oddly not very sore just my lower ribs in front?! i really
enjoyed this one. i am so thankful that you are in the area and that i am able to benefit
from your knowledge! namaskara~amy

Son Hui,
Good afternoon. I'm so happy to write this email to you.

Yoga is one of those things that many times is measured in how much better we feel
internally, mentally, physically, etc. But sometimes, the benefits are hard to quantify in
numbers. I am happy to say I can quantify the benefits in addition to the great things I

I told you a while back that my last attempt to quit my birth control pills ended up in
disaster for me and ultimately I went back on them to regulate my body once again.
After being off the pills for 6 months, my mensturation never returned. My cycle never
got into the swing of things. All my hair was falling out and my face had acne like I
never imagined it could.

Well, this time, the story is much different and I attribute it to Ashtanga Yoga and your
loving care with the ginseng tea, etc. I am happy to say that after quitting my birth
control pills in April, my cycle has returned. I just started my first menstration only 1.5
months after going off the pills. A much different number than over 6 months for my last
attempt. My hair still falls out a bit, but I don't think it is as bad as last time. I have
noticed an increase in acne, but now that my cylce is normalizing, I think it will go away.

I am so excited that this is the outcome. I believed yoga would help my body start
regulating horomones and do what it is supposed to do, and it worked! I'm so happy.

Thanks so much Son Hui!
I will see you Saturday.

Dear Tribune Democrat, Oct 21 2009

I am writing to inform you of a local woman who would be perfect to highlight in your “At
Random” section. Her name is Yi Son Hui a Korean born businesswoman living in
Southmont. She is a remarkable woman with many talents who is the sole proprietor of
Yi Yoga. Ms Yi travels to India and trains with the world’s best Yoga masters for 2 or
more months every year. There she is able to hone her skills in Ashtanga Yoga in order
to better herself and her clients. She is a cross between a healer, physical therapist, and
lifestyle modifier who has helped many people with multiple ailments.
Through yoga she has helped clients with degenerative joint disease, arthritis, multiple
sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and many other traumatic and non traumatic ailments
and disease processes. Her list of clients include local surgeons, doctors, businessmen,
businesswomen, professional athletes, the young and the old who travel daily from
great distances for her assistance. I believe that your readers and customers would find
her business and story very interesting. Please contact her at (814) 255-5266 or her
website at
John J Brozetti MD
Ophthalmic Associates
Johnstown, PA

Son Hui,
Here is my ode to you and Ashtanga. I have been wanting to add to your comments
page on your website for a while and here it finally is:

Ashtanga has been a blessing in my life. I have been able to ease so much of my pain
and heal my body. I have pushed my limits and challenged myself and have gained
strength, flexibility and contentment with both.
I am so thankful to have found Son Hui. She is truely dedicated to healing her students,
but also to teaching her students how they can heal themselves. Her knowledge and
willingness are incredible. She has a gift and she constantly gives that gift to us.
Cheers to healing. - Becky

Hi Sonni,
I so wish that you could have seen me. When I got home, I could walk and stand so
good for almost 2 hours. I was able to walk with one cane through the house. I was
overcome with disbelief and emotion. No one was here to witness this, but me. It felt so
good to stand tall and straight. It has worn off now, but it was wonderful and gives me
more motivation to fight and reinforces hope.
All I can say is, "Thank you"
Liz :-)

Greetings Son Hui,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for working so hard with myself and my
80 year old mother. After two hip replacements, my body was naturally more stiff and
my movements limited. The work we do together on balance, alignment and breathing
has offered me so much more additional independence.
With my mom being diagnosed with alzheimers, your sessions give her strength, vitality
and confidence as you work with her at her own pace. As we always say "her eyes have
a sparkle" when we have finished.
If I could name one thing that I notice about you, is your ability to adapt yoga to any age,
body-build or illness/condition. You have a sense about the person and always instill
confidence, praising them. I never thought I could ever do any type of yoga with my
physician condition, but you have opened my life to an experience that is both beneficial
and rewarding.
Thank you.
Joyce (and Betty)

Hello Son Hui:
When I resumed my Ashtanga Yoga practice at Yi Yoga about ten weeks ago I was
burned-out, tired all the time and experienced pain from head-to-toe. Today I feel like a
new person. Although it was tough at first, Son Hui patiently worked with me and
modified the poses with regard to my physical condition.

For me, Ashtanga Yoga is a way to integrate mind, body and spirit in a concrete and
meaningful way. I feel overwhelmingly fortunate that I have the opportunity to practice
with a teacher as generous, intuitive and skillful as Son Hui.
- Margaret

Son Hui,
Thank you for Saturday's class. It was intensely introspective for me. I realized that the
little I have learned of Yoga in the past year is much smaller than I realized and that I
need to work harder on internalizing what happens during my practice. It is a wonderful
gift to be able to practice Yoga under your guidance.

Hi Master Yi!
I just wanted to report to you my progress! After my treatment of Pavanamukasana on
Saturday, I noticed that there is a lot more freedom in my upper back, and it is easier for
me to do Shoulderstand, Plow, Headstand, and forward bends! I noticed a marketed
improvement in my postures! It took a few days to really notice the results after the
treatment, but they are there! And the pinching in between my shoulder blades is also
greatly reduced!

May I schedule this Saturday at 2:15 when Melissa goes too if it is not booked?

This student of yoga has found sanctuary at Yi Yoga in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. When
I cross the threshold and step into the yoga studio, I move into a positive energy that
instills hope for living life to the fullest extent possible with multiple sclerosis.

My time with Son Hui slips away much too quickly. Her skilled and guided hands are
certain to find and manipulate problem areas that always result in relief to pain and
stiffness. My teacher instills a belief in my ability to visualize improvement in symptoms,
to build strength and begin physical and mental movement toward controlling the
progression of this disease.

This yoga student believes it to be my destiny to have found Sonni to help me learn to
make yoga my strength in living with ms. She continues to ardently influence me to try
to turn hopelessness into hope.
Your grateful student,

There are no words to adequately express my profound gratitude to you for all you have
done to help me.Your vast knowledge of YOGA and its benefits are unmatched!The
people of Johnstown are blessed to have you! I have had a very difficult time with my
curious illness (recently diagnosed as Parkinson's) and I am convinced that I am doing
as well as I am due to your help .My doctor said taking instuction from you is the
smartest thing I have done. You are truly an asset to this community!

Dear Son Hui
Thank you for the gift of is truly life changing. Finging you has been a blessing
and for the first time I have hope that I can and will overcome my physical limitations
with my knee and the onset of Arthritis. The mental benefits of Ashtanga Yoga is
something I didn't expect when I started but am finding the greatest benefit of all! You
are such a caring teacher and I am so grateful! I want to learn more and more and


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