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Yi Yoga

At Yi Yoga, only Ashtanga yoga is taught. After more than 10 years of uninterrupted daily practice on her own, Son Hui Yi is now convinced that practicing ashtanga early in the morning is the best way. Because ashtanga yoga is such an energetic practice, she felt that she was not doing her students any good by offering this powerful practice in the late afternoon/early evening. What a waste to be so energized and end up in bed sleeping it off in a matter of a few hours.

Instead, we practice early in the morning and benefit from the energy throughout the entire day and rest peacefully at night. This also goes for the teacher, and students as well.

Three secrets of longevity. (1) Flexibility, (2) Consumption of oxygen (3) Endurance. Ashtanga offers all three. This is why Son Hui teaches Ashtanga yoga. She benefits from all of the above. Start today by Contacting Yi Yoga.

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